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Faces Magazine Awards – Nominated for Favorite Real Estate Female 2018

Hello Nicole, I hope this email finds you well and that you had a wonderful holiday! I just wanted to ensure that you knew that you are a finalist for Ottawa’s Favourite Female Real Estate Agent for the 2018 Faces of Ottawa Awards – congratulations! As always, the awards are people’s choice, and your friends and contacts can vote for you once per day, per IP address by visiting the voting page at – voting takes place between January 3rd and January 25th – with the winners being announced at the 2018 Faces Awards event on Saturday, January 27th! The Awards are being held at the brand new event space in the Brookstreet Hotel this year and are being hosted by Ottawa’s own Team Homan, who will be representing Canada at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Women’s Curling! Congratulations once again, Evan Childerhose Associate Editor Faces Magazine

Packing Tips for a Clever Move

Moving soon? What to do? How to do it? Here are a few packing tips to help in my article from the magazine Power2DoIt – Just click on the link below for more! Packing Tips for a clever move

Realtors can help you find a rental property, really?

Did you know a Realtor can help you find a rental property? In most cases at no cost to you! Read my article in Power2doit to know more or contact me to discuss your options 613-612-HOME (4663) – Click on the link below for the article!   Realtors can help you find a rental property, really?

Buying a home and planning on moving sooner than later?

Buying a home that is not your forever home but perfect for now! Read my article in Power2DoIt by clicking on the link below for some valuable tips on how to proceed for a profitable investment. Buying a Home and Planning on Moving Sooner than Later

Your Guide to 10 Popular Landscape Paving Materials

If you are considering landscape paving, this excellent post by landscape architect Falon Mihalic includes guides to 10 of the most popular materials. Focused on cost, climate, maintenance and functional application, the guides explain the pros and cons of cast-in-place concrete, the cheapest option, pre-cast concrete, gravel, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

How Will Legalized Pot Affect Canadian Real Estate Markets

No matter what you think about the ethics or morality of legalizing marijuana, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has promised to do just that during their first term. The fact is, we started down that path when medical marijuana was legalized. So, how will this impact real estate markets in …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Market Update | Ottawa Real Estate Stats October 2015

Here are the latest statistics from the Ottawa Real Estate board. Statistics are useful in establishing trends but should not be used as an indicator of an increase or decrease in value of specific properties. If you are curious about the value of your home and/or specific …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Home Buyers: To Inspect, or Not To Inspect

To Inspect, or Not To Inspect You’ve just purchased your dream home and your salesperson is recommending an home inspection before signing the final conditions. Is it worth $400-500? Now is the time to ignore your emotional attachment to the property, and make this a business decision. The answer is, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Relocation Tips

Relocating to a new area, moving to a different province or country, take a moment to read my article in “Power 2 Do It” E-magazine by following this link below

Feel Good Day – Purse Philanthropists

Feel good day today, I joined a great group of ladies this morning who worked hard at delivering purses and bags full of basic necessities to establishments helping women in needs, you can do it too any time you want just ask me how. It is fun and so helpful…

Income Properties: What You need to Know about Buying an Investment Property

“Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait” – Will Rogers Income Properties: Are you Ready? Owning a rental property may seem like a licence to print money. Interest rates are low, the Ottawa Real Estate Market is stable …what could be easier? Buy a property, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Rented property to returning clients

Rented property to returning clients It is always a pleasure to work with the same families again, fantastic feeling to be trusted, thank you very much to my clients and congratulations on renting your new home, wishing you a smooth transition!

4 reasons to buy a home before the end of the year

Does cooler weather mean that you should cool down your house hunt? Absolutely not! Sellers who have homes listed during the colder months are usually motivated to sell and list prices are typically lower in December…but wait…there’s more! Traditionally, housing markets cool down at year end, but this Business …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

Is the whole family coming to your home for the holidays? Or perhaps you’d like to share some festive cheer with your neighbors? Whatever the reason, ’tis the season, so now’s the time to start planning. Stock Your Pantry – Get ready for hosting with a well-stocked pantry and freezer. Must-haves …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

How to Stage Your Home for Fall Showings

This post by Nathalie Wise suggests that the time and cost of staging your home can result in higher sale prices and less time on the market. Remove clutter, store items that could distract viewers and move furniture away from walls to make your spaces appear larger. …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

8 Deer-Resistant Elegant Evergreen Shrubs to Plant This Fall

Shrubs bestow privacy, a sense of enclosure and a splash of colour during winter. In this post, Brian Barth gives hope to discouraged homeowners who are tired of watching the local deer population feast on their shrubs. Needle-bearing shrubs like the juniper will survive deer grazing, but …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Winter Lawn Care: 4 Steps to Protect Your Turf

Home owners may be surprised to discover that fall is the most important season for lawn maintenance. But, as we learn in this post by Lisa Kaplan Gordon, it is much more important than spring. Aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach roots, and gives …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

How Will Real Estate Markets React To The Liberals’ Election Victory?

The Liberal Party’s successful election campaign included a promise to stimulate the economy by increasing infrastructure spending with deficit budgets. How will these changes effect the country’s real estate market? Until details are released, the exact consequences are difficult to determine, but some possibilities have emerged. Foreign Investment We …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

This post gives five practical considerations for those entering the market for the first time. Start by prioritizing your hunt – identify what features you want so you focus on those properties. Get pre-approved for a mortgage so you know your price range and can …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Seven Monthly Bills Most People Have, and Seven Ways to Reduce Each Bill

In this article for The Simple Dollar, Trent Hamm targets energy, water, car, mortgage/rent, internet, insurance and cell phone/telephone payments and gives specifics on how to lower each monthly bill. Insurance costs drop if you increase your deductible. Reduce phone costs by using Skype, lowering usage and ditching …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

6 Misperceptions About Home Staging

In this insightful Realtor Magazine post, interior decorator and professional stager Patti Stern explodes six myths about home staging. The Cost of Staging For example, some sellers consider staging too expensive. In reality, it actually saves you money because 95 percent of staged homes sell in 11 days or …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Home Improvements – Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Completing a DIY project can be tremendously fulfilling and financially rewarding. But, bite off more than you can chew, and you might be looking at some major expenses to fix the damage or, even worse, a catastrophic incident. Before grabbing your toolbox, accomplish a quick risk-reward analysis. Then, determine if …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Best September on record for number of Ottawa Real Estate resales!

What a great month for Ottawa Real Estate! See below a snap shot of what’s happening in the Ottawa Real Estate Market from the Ottawa Real Estate Board published October 5th, 2015 Interested in a specific neighbourhood? We have access to all of the latest real …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Pumpkin deliveries

Pumpkins delivery to my clients and families who referred me, thank you so much for your trust, I truly appreciate it, lots of them to go will take a few days!

Real Estate Referrals and Relocation Services between Canadian Provinces and International Countries!

Relocations in Real Estate are quite frequent and families are often in need of someone they can trust to assist in their new adventure. I have personally lived this experience 4 times and understand the needs and challenges revolving around this transition. If you are in the Military, Retail, Government or any field leading you to Ottawa, I would be privileged to assist with your Real Estate needs in this life changing experience. I am honoured to collaborate with Realtors with referrals in order to offer personalised attention to their clients. I have the pleasure to provide services in English and French. If a relocation is in your future, I would gladly inform you on some of the beauty and benefits this region has to offer and guide you towards a gentle transition to or from Ottawa.

Royal LePage Receives the Consumer’s Choice Award…18 years & Counting

Royal LePage is once again the proud recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Gold Award as Top Real Estate Brand in Ottawa for 2014. A big THANK YOU for supporting Royal LePage Team Realty in the Ottawa Real Estate Community, we couldn’t have made this list for the last 18 …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Open house on Weekdays?

Open house on Weekdays? Open house on weekdays? Perfect way to have the most exposure! As the holidays are in full throttle and weekends are precious, weekday open houses are fantastic to ensure you are not missing the opportunity to showcase your home to all potential buyers. After all some of them are gone camping, boating, out of town or just want to host a BBQ. Let me know how I can take care of your best interest and sell your home!

Half Moon Bay property in Barrhaven just SOLD

Half Moon Bay property in Barrhaven just SOLD, Congratulations to the seller, I am very happy for you – such a nice experience to work with you! All the best in your new life!

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day Relax, have fun and just enjoy!

Open House or Not?

Open houses have multiple benefits, take a peek at my article to know more! Come visit me anytime, I would be delighted to answer any of your Real Estate questions and help you achieve your goals!

Ottawa Real Estate Market Update: Summer report!

The latest statistics from the Ottawa Real Estate Board have been released. The information below includes market highlights from July 2015 stats and include all of Ottawa and the surrounding area. Are you curious about a specific neighbourhood or property? Please Source: Team Realty News Feed

Real Estate Services in English and French

Services in… English If you are looking to buy, sell, rent, find a tenant, relocate, invest or get informed in Real Estate. Contact me for a personalised service 613-612-HOME (4663) and French Si vous etes a la recherche d’une maison ou si vous voulez vendre, louer, trouver un locataire, si vous devez etre re-localiser pour votre emploi ou si vous etes un investeur en immobilier. Contactez moi pour un service personalisé 613-612-HOME (4663)

How Google Sunroof is Changing Homeowners’ Costs

How Google Sunroof Works Employing the high-resolution aerial mapping used by Google Earth, Project Sunroof calculates the amount of sunlight reaching your roof to assess its potential for solar power. It takes a variety of factors into account including local weather conditions, shade from nearby trees and buildings and sun …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

The Inside Scoop on the Best Season to Sell Your Home

Think you need to wait until Spring to sell your home? You may want to think again if you’re ready to sell now. In this post, Gavin Chen challenges conventional wisdom that the best time to sell is spring and the best time to buy is fall. …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Your Annual Home Maintenance Schedule

Following an annual maintenance schedule is an essential step in protecting the value of what will probably be the largest investment of your life – your home. First time home owners, or those lacking experience may struggle with this task and overlook important elements. Here are some guidelines …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Strong summer performance for Ottawa’s resale market

Check out the latest Ottawa Real Estate Statistics from the Ottawa Real Estate Board The summer real estate market has been strong in the Ottawa area, as we head into fall we’ll keep you updated on the latest Ottawa Real Estate market news! Are …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

CMHC announces new rules to make it easier for homeowners to rent out property

In this Financial Post article, Garry Marr discusses the impact of upcoming changes from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) that will permit homeowners to count 100% of the income from their secondary units when qualifying for a loan. Currently, homeowners with legal units can only count 50% of …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Should you let children choose their bedroom paint colours?

Should you let children choose their bedroom paint colours? In this Canadian Living post, Brett Walther suggests a way to let your child participate when deciding what colour(s) to paint their room while also avoiding a choice that is unacceptable to you, or one that they will want to change next …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Machu Picchu Challenge for Shelter

Machu Picchu Challenge for Shelter August 2015 in Machu Picchu, Peru In support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation people from Royal LePage offices across Canada have started the trek to Machu Picchu to help restore hope for women and children escaping violence. “For eight days, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

St-Jean Baptiste

Bonne fete de la St-Jean-Baptiste a tous mes confreres de travails, amis et famille au Québec

Your Complete Guide to Pest-Proofing This Fall

To prevent an onslaught of pests from occupying your house as the weather cools, simply follow the National Pest Management Association guidance presented in this post from Bob Villa. Seal cracks in the exterior envelope, especially where utility pipes enter, with silicone caulking. Fill larger gaps inside …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Why Listing In January or February Can Make Sense

Although it may seem odd, listing in the winter months can be advantageous for sellers. Statistically, there are indeed more buyers in the spring market. However, there are also more homes for sale, including properties similar to yours. With more competition for the pool of buyers, your chances …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

The 3 Most Common Reasons a Home Inspection Kills a Deal

In this post, home inspector Dylan Chalk underscores the importance of a home inspection by identifying how they can prevent a potential sale. The most common reason is the home is not what it appears to be, especially in the case of a “flipped home”, one purchased …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Reno Investments Providing the Highest Returns

This detailed Home Inspection Network post provides useful data to anyone who is considering a home renovation. Author Bev Siciliano begins by explaining what many do not realize – we might not fully recoup our investment when the home is sold. For that reason alone, home renovations should …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

What You Need to Do When Saying Goodbye to Your Home

Although you’re excited about moving, there are easy ways to reduce the ache you feel when thinking about leaving the old abode. According to this post by Lisa Davis you could throw a going away party with the neighbours who shared your journey over the years. …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

The Do’s and Dont’s of Basement Storage

This article from Bob Vila gives eight handy tips to consider when using your basement for storage. The suggestions include taking advantage of vertical space by building up and not out, using open shelves for frequently-used items and built-in cabinets to conceal toys or cleaning supplies, storing …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Is It Time to Downsize? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions First

If you’ve reached the time of life where you are contemplating downsizing your home, the first question to ask, according to this post, is what kind of lifestyle do you want after downsizing? By defining how you want to live, you can narrow your search and focus on …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

What’s the best property type for your first home?

Inexperience can cause first time home buyers to be confused by the multitude of available options. This post by Caroline James is an excellent introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of five popular property choices: a large detached house on a suburban block, a small home on a sub-divided …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

8 Mistakes That Could Screw Up Your Home Sale

Usually we hear “buyer beware”, but real estate author Michael Corbett advises sellers to beware and gives 8 reasons why in this post. Always work with professional help, including a real estate agent. Their expertise, experience, neighbourhood knowledge and resources will help you plot a course …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

5 tips for eco-friendly renovations

If you are renovating, you should consider the green strategies suggested in this post by Danielle King. For example, add insulation to the roof and external walls and you could save 25% on energy costs. Replace inefficient windows or add window film since up to 40% …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

5 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

Most of us have little or no experience with re-roofing, so this post by home reno expert Bob Vila is a valuable guide to the questions a homeowner should ask before hiring a roofer. First, ask for an estimate that is comprehensive enough (permits, inspections, materials, labour, contingency) …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

An Economist’s Letter to Millennials Who Can’t (Yet) Buy a Home

This post from Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at, explains what Millenials can do to help themselves along the path to home ownership. For example, a high debt burden will restrict their ability to qualify for a mortgage, and the amount they can get, so they need to limit their …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Congratulations to our Award Winners

At Royal LePage Team Realty helping YOU is what we do and we couldn’t do that without a dedicated network of real estate professionals. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 2015 Award winners and thank them for their hard work and dedication. We are …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Why Homeowners Should Beware of Icicles

Ottawa’s freeze-thaw weather patterns often create sparkling icicles that look magical. But, they actually identify a dangerous — and potentially costly — hazard, an ice dam. Imagine coming home from work to find water streaming down your interior walls and soaking into the hardwood of your foyer. What would …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Ottawa Real Estate Market Eases off with Cooler January Weather

Ottawa Real Estate “Market Snapshot” January 2016 Statistics are useful in establishing trends but should not be used as an indicator of an increase or decrease in value of specific properties. If you are curious about the value of your home and/or specific neighbourhood …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Record-breaking December, contributes to a strong 2015

Record-breaking December, contributes to a strong 2015 – Latest News from the Ottawa Real Estate Board Ottawa, January 6, 2016 – Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 703 residential properties in December through the Board’s Multiple Listing …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Don’t tax my dream campaign succeeds

The efforts of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and the Progressive Conservatives were recently rewarded when the provincial government decided they would NOT be expanding the municipal land transfer tax program. Liberals keep election promise In an unexpected announcement during the legislature’s question period, Municipal Affairs Minister Ted …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Happy New Year – Bonne Année

Wishing you a fantastic year 2016 filled with health, happiness & tons of success! Je vous souhaite une année fantastique remplie de santé, joie et succes!

8 steps to getting started in property investment

This post from Nila Sweeney is an excellent primer for those who want to start a property portfolio. First, check your finances to see how much you can invest and get mortgage pre-approval. Then, define what success means for you, as well as the level of risk you …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Canadian Home Prices Are Growing At One Of The Fastest Paces In The World

The Canadian real estate market continues to boom, according to this Financial Post offering. With a year-over-year increase of 8.2%, Canada ranked 4th of the 23 countries studied in Scotiabank’s report Global Real Estate Trends, behind Ireland (13.3%), Sweden (10.5%) and Australia (8.3%). However, the report warns …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Here’s What Pushes People to Buy Homes in 2015

If you want to sell your property quickly, at near the asking price, it is important to know why people are buying. In this post, chief economist, Jonathan Smoke, suggests we pay attention to the five main triggers for home buyers: they have grown tired of their …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Unchecked Emotions Can Cause Costly Property Mistakes

We are sometimes enthralled by the presentation of a property, but ignoring the things we cannot see or overlooking obvious problems and risks can lead to disastrous consequences. To the extent possible, put your emotions aside and make buying property a business decision based facts and data. Getting Too …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

6 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

If you want to convert your home’s look from average to exceptional, this post by Jamie Weibe tells you how. Remove mismatched decor items, store toys/magazines and organize your things to fix a cluttered appearance. Clean and re-grout tile to make it look new. Use …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Create a beautiful bathroom for the ages

As people age, reduced mobility, impaired balance, failing vision and muscle weakness make them more susceptible to injuries in their home, and bathrooms are no exception. This Consumer Reports article tells how the latest design trends are helping owners upgrade their bathrooms with changes that enhance safety while …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Why Cleaning Window Screens Should Be Part of Your Winter Strategy

Should removing and cleaning the window screens be part of your winter maintenance routine? According to this post, there are several benefits to be gained. Simply put, dirty mesh blocks light, heat and the view. For example, you get 30 to 40 percent more light coming in without …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Ottawa Real Estate Update: November 2015

Mild weather and post-election enthusiasm spurs on home buyers! Statistics are useful in establishing trends but should not be used as an indicator of an increase or decrease in value of specific properties. If you are curious about the value of your home and/or specific neighbourhood statistics we would love …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Not Only Millennials Want Walkable Communities

A walkable community is well-planned, compact and designed for people to walk to work school, parks, restaurants and activities as a form of everyday transportation. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, more and more buyers want to live in walkable communities. The study found that …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Higher electricity costs: how to circumvent them

Because the cost of electricity is expected to rise as a result of the federal Liberals’ green energy policies, prudent investors should pay attention to the energy consumption of their rental properties. This Canadian Real Estate Magazine post advises landlords to find ways to become more energy efficient such …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

9 Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Appliances

This slide show from Bob Villa is an excellent visual representation of how NOT to treat your appliances. For example, an overloaded washing machine stresses the bearings and misaligns the drum. Overfilling the freezer can block air vents, restrict the flow of cold air and overtax the condenser. Clean …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Emotional Homebuyers Can Lose Out On The Best Deals

When we really like a property, we can overlook or downplay its negative aspects. This post advises us to approach purchasing a home as a business decision and to remove emotion from the decision. Before viewing any properties, contact a financial adviser to set your budget, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Green Renovations — Basements

Virtually all homeowners will find something of use in this detailed and practical fact sheet from Central Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC). If you’re planning a basement renovation, it’s a must read, filled with time, energy and money saving tips, features and advice on how to green any project, …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

The Number of Real Estate Appraisers Is Falling. Here’s Why You Should Care

According to this post, the number of real estate appraisers is dropping to the point where parties on both sides of real estate transactions could suffer. Since most residential mortgages need an appraisal before a sale closes, a shortage of appraisers will affect buyers, who rely on accurate …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Boost Your Curb Appeal with 4 Doable DIY Projects

Most sellers realize that preparing the interior of their homes for viewing is essential. In this article, Bob Villa explains it is just as important to stage the exterior of your house as it is to prepare the inside rooms when you are selling. For example, a …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

5 must-do’s for first-time home buyers

This article by real estate lawyer Mark Weisleder gives the essentials for the novice buyer. Start by calculating what you can afford (general rule is 30% of gross income). Then, figure out what is important to you and search for properties with those features. Ask …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

5 Steps to a Safer Bathroom

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom this Consumer Reports article give sound advice on how to do it with safety in mind. Install pressure-balancing and anti-scald valves to provide a steady flow of water that remains at a safe temperature. Add a sturdy, properly secured …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

How to Reduce Your Energy Bill with No Cost or Sacrifice

This excellent post from Adam Dachis on tells how to lower your electricity bill easily, at no cost, by using your appliances more efficiently. For example, promoting optimal air flow will lower energy costs by reducing the demand on your cooling/heating system. Opening all vents in …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Green

In this post, we learn just how easy it is to join the green movement and become an eco-warrior. For example, by improving the energy efficiency around home, you reduce consumption, conserving the planet’s resources and saving money at the same time. Installing a programmable thermostat …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Why Millennials Are Moving Home Design Trends

In this article for Freshhome magazine, Shelly Little explains how Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and the early 2000′s, are redefining home design. According to her research, Millennials value money and success, individuality and urbanized environments. And, they want this outlook reflected in their homes. …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Buying Near Parks and Recreational Facilities

According to RealtorMag, twenty-three percent of recent buyers indicated that convenience to parks or recreational facilities influenced their choice of neighborhoods. Proximity to parks and recreational facilities was the most important to recent buyers aged 34 and younger, and to those aged 35 to 49. Here are …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Ottawa Named 3rd Best City in the World for Quality of Life; Here’s Why

In this Point2Homes post, Nadia Balint attributes Ottawa’s stellar, but unsurprising (to locals), ranking in the recent Numbeo Quality of Life Index to three characteristics: Ottawa is young and fun with almost half the population under 35, it promotes and supports family life and the housing is relatively …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation named national partner in

We are pleased to announce another step forward in our efforts to help abused women and their children find help. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation has been named a national partner in — a new online resource managed by the Canadian Network …read more Source: Team Realty News Feed

Furniture placement

Before     After Placement of furniture can make a big impact on a room. It can create an atmosphere, give the impression of spaciousness and surely make you feel welcome. Consult a professional and learn the best way to utilize all your space.