Everyone has their own personal motivation to either buy or sell. This can be an extremely

anxious and stressful time. You will need someone to represent your best interests, express your

wishes, and negotiate the best possible price for your investment. Rest assured that all is well

taken care of and thought out when you choose Nicole Rosenfeldt. From the moment you first

meet Nicole, she is eager to get to work and armed with a wealth of information about your

property. Nicole will realistically walk you through comparable market values of what’s for sale

and what sold in your neighbourhood in addition to addressing all concerns.

Nicole will carefully guide you through the process and if need be will enhance the appearance

of your home with thoughtful strategic staging that Nicole knows will show your property at its

best. During open houses your home becomes an oasis for visitors as Nicole always brings that

something extra that leaves most feeling special and most likely wondering why their Agent’s

don’t go the extra mile? Although don’t count on many open houses as Nicole delivers and your

house will sell quickly.

Angela’s Story:

I was extremely overwhelmed selling my house. Nicole literally took me by the hand and guided

me through the process which she made look effortless. Nicole’s invested interest in me as the

Seller didn’t end there. Nicole went out of her way to ensure I had all the things necessary and

in place for a successful move in addition to going the extra mile of making sure I was settled

into my new place. Nicole has and does go above and beyond to ensure that all of her clients are

fully taken care of and remembered even after the buying or selling process. I don’t know many

realtors who go to such great lengths to do this. All of which makes Nicole special and unique

not to mention current and up-to- date with what’s going on in our housing markets.